These are unique and abstract hearts living in the crypto platform. Every piece is unique and crafted to the dot.

As for an artist his canvas is the playground where he explores his ideas and visions. For me here these crypto hearts are my canvas where I do my explorations, innovations and craft. It is endless how I can rollout these crypto hearts, Anything can be portrayed through these like a superstar, a brand a news an incident anything it is endless.

How I started the project ?

I started this project years back just for fun as Fan Art of some super heroes and it was there in my webpage as a project doing nothing. When the movement of NFT started I thought what if these are not just super heroes yet it can be a brand a movie a superstar and Incident it can be literally anything to convey the story.

Now these are all in blockchain and called as #cryptohearts.

Now I am creating more for #nft space and available for purchase. and this list will grow gradually. Currently these items are listed in Foundation and Rarible. links below



These were the 4 hearts I started years back as fan art collection

Thank you for your time

Your commends and suggestions are appreciated.

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